Model 877Ka

1250 W or 2800 W Pulse TWTA

CW TWT Amplifier

The Model 877Ka provides up to 1250-2800W* peak power at duty cycles up to 8% with traveling wave tubes in the 33 to 36 GHz range. Particular emphasis has been placed on the generation of the output RF pulse shape. The RF output pulse width tracks the input 5 volt video pulse.

The High Voltage Power Supplies are modular DC-DC converter designs. The Power supply design provides superior stability for optimum TWT phase noise and spurious performance.

All high voltage modules are plug-in assemblies packaged in an aluminum oil tank with transformer oil as the dielectric medium. Transformer drivers feature power MOSFET’s in a full wave bridge configuration. Imbedded processor provides control, monitor and interface functions, and multiple pages of monitored functions on the front panel 4-line vacuum fluorescent display.

*Tube Specific Parameters, call for options

Power: 1250 W or 2800 W
Duty Cycle: 6%
Pulse Width: 100 kHz
Frequency: 33-36 GHz
PRF: 0.05 to 50 μs

Units / TWTs can be Combined for Increased Power Requirements

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CW TWT Amplifier