Model 500

500 Watt CW TWTA

CW TWT Amplifier

The Model 500, CW TWT Amplifier has been designed to operate 500-700 watt traveling wave tubes up to 18 GHz.

The High Voltage Power Supplies are modular DC-DC converter designs. The Power supply design provides supe- rior stability for optimum TWT phase noise and spurious performance.

The front panel 4-line vacuum fluorescent display, with multiple page modes, provides a monitor for the operating characteristics.

Power: 500 W
Duty Cycle: CW
Pulse Width: CW
Frequency: 1-18 GHz

Units / TWTs can be Combined for Increased Power Requirements

We Specialize in Custom Power & Frequency Requirements

Custom Design?

Most models can be reconfigured to specific design requirements.

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CW TWT Amplifier