Model 527

1 MW Magnetron Transmitter

Magnetron Transmitter

The Model 527 is a 1 Megawatt Solid State Modulator Magnetron Transmitter. The RF pulse is continuously variable, and the pulse width is determined by the magnetron capability. State-Of-The-Art Direct Coupled Solid State FET Modulators obtain a flat topped pulse and excellent RF pulse stability. The Model 527 Modulator is not damaged by magnetron arcs. Arc energy to the magnetron is limited which actually helps to clean-up an arcing magnetron. The modulator HVPS is a very efficient, duty cycle regulated DC-to-DC converter design. A position servo provides magnetron tuning at the front panel or through the remote interface. Internal access is available through the front and rear doors and lift-off side panels.

Power: up to 1 MW
Duty Cycle: 0.001
Pulse Width: 0.2 to 1 μs
Frequency: Determined by Magnetron
PRF: up to 2 kHz