Model 477Ka

700 Watt TWTA

Pulse TWT Amplifier

The Model 477Ka provides 700-1600W* peak power at duty cycles up to 8% from 33 to 36 GHz. Particular emphasis has been placed on the generation of the output RF pulse shape. The RF output pulse width tracks the input 5 volt video pulse.

The High Voltage Power Supplies are modular DC-DC converter designs. The Power supply design provides superior stability for optimum TWT phase noise and spurious performance.

All high voltage modules are plug-in assemblies packaged in an aluminum oil tank with transformer oil as the dielectric medium. Transformer drivers feature power MOSFET’s in a full wave bridge configuration. Imbedded processor provides control, monitor and interface functions, and multiple pages of monitored functions on the front panel 4-line vacuum fluorescent display.

*Tube Specific Parameters, call for options

Power: 700 W or 1600 W
Duty Cycle: 8%, Maximum
Pulse Width: 0.05 to 50 μs
Frequency: 33-36 GHz
PRF: 0 to 100 kHz

Units / TWTs can be Combined for Increased Power Requirements

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Pulse TWT Amplifier