Model 37

80 Watt Pulse/CW TWTA

Dual Mode CW/Pulse TWT Amplifier

The Model 37 is a dual mode Pulse/CW TWT Amplifier which has been designed to operate TWT’s up to 80 watts in the 2 to 18 GHz frequency ranges. The RF output pulse is generated by the focus electrode (grid) pulse without the use of RF switches. RF output pulse is controlled by the input video pulse.

The High Voltage Power Supplies are modular DC-DC converter designs. The Power supply design provides superior stability for optimum TWT phase noise and spurious performance.

Power: up to 80 W
Duty Cycle: up to 50% Pulse or CW
Pulse Width: 50 ns to CW
Frequency: 2-8 or 6-18 GHz
PRF: up to 1 MHz

Units / TWTs can be Combined for Increased Power Requirements

We Specialize in Custom Power & Frequency Requirements

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Most models can be reconfigured to specific design requirements.

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Dual Mode CW/Pulse TWT Amplifier