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Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.

Established in 1980, Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. founders and key engineering personnel have extensive experience in power supply design for all types of microwave tubes. Our products include a significant variety of Pulse, CW TWT's and Klystron amplifiers, solid state cathode modulators for Magnetrons and CFA's of various power levels. Applied Systems Engineering, Inc., specializes in new Amplifier/Transmitter and sub-system design and development. We have three buildings consisting of Executive/Administrative offices, Engineering, Quality Assurance, Production/Assembly, Machine Shop, PCB Assembly, Warehousing, Environmental Test Chambers, and Test Laboratory.

We have developed a broad range of very high efficiency (>90%) voltage power supply and modulator designs so that we can assemble a HVPS / Modulator to operate pulsed TWT's, Klystrons, Magnetrons, or CFA's and CW TWT's and Klystrons up to 100 kW of power output. Frequency ranges from 200 MHz to 100 GHz.

Our Executive Team

Kenneth E. Reed, Corporate Executive Officer and President/Chief Engineer

Michael A. Reed, Corporate Operations Officer and Vice President of Operations

Sharon L. Wensel, Corporate Treasurer/Secretary and Executive Director of Finance/Human Resources

Patrick A. Swan, Executive Director - Business Development and Board Business Consultant

Quality Policy

Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality radio frequency transmitters and amplifiers in the industry. Our team is dedicated to continuous improvement and maintaining our quality objectives, as well as customer and regulatory requirements.

Quality Objectives

*Customer Satisfaction
*Operational Performance
*Continuous Improvement

Original Design Manufacturing

Conception - Development - Design - Production

While the primary emphasis at Applied Systems Engineering, Inc., has been on high voltage power supplies, modulators, transmitters, and RF Exciter/Receiver systems, our capability in design extends into other areas as well, which includes digital/analog control and monitoring subsystems, Retrofits for Coherent or Non-coherent Systems that can be upgraded with proven off the shelf equipment to give improved performance and reliability. All electronic and mechanical designs are developed and generated by Computer Aided Design.

We work closely with many government engineering and contracting groups and are experienced with government contracts and requirements. Our track record for providing sophisticated microwave pulse and CW amplifiers for Phased Array Radars, Side Looking Radars, Weather Radar, Radar Cross Section, Communication Applications, EMC Testing, and University Laboratories is unsurpassed. We have a very close working relationship with the microwave tube and component community in many areas of the world.

Our amplifiers feature excellent phase stability, pulse fidelity and low spurious signal levels. Our cathode modulators, which are used to drive Magnetrons and CFA's produce flat topped RF pulses, minimal jitter and continuous pulse widths. RF output level variations are minimal in the presence of aperiodic or burst PRF inputs. All power supplies are modular solid state, PSRM (Phase Shifted Resonant Mode) regulated DC to DC converter designs with excellent transient response times. Full load efficiency of our high voltage power supplies is greater than 90%. Operation of various types of microwave tubes with higher power levels, duty cycles or increased pulse widths can be specified in any of our amplifiers. Each unit passes through Quality Assurance inspections throughout the build and test phases of production. A final Quality Inspection is completed prior to packaging and shipped. All units are shipped using high quality reusable shipping crates.

We welcome custom designs to satisfy requirements for various RF frequencies and output power levels.

Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.
Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.
Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.
Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.