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Celebrating over 40 years of Excellence!

 Applied Systems Engineering, Inc.

Applied Systems Engineering, Inc. is a high technology small business engaged in the development and production of Microwave Amplifiers and Transmitters for a variety of applications. Our amplifiers feature excellent phase stability, pulse fidelity and low spurious signal levels.

The company founders and key engineering personnel have extensive experience in power supply design for all types of microwave tubes and specialize in new Amplifier/Transmitter and sub-system design and development.  We have developed a broad range of very high efficiency (>90%) voltage power supply and modulator designs so that we can assemble a HVPS/Modulator to operate pulsed TWT’s, Magnetrons, or CFA’s and CW TWT’s and Klystrons. Frequency ranges are from 600 MHz to 100 Ghz.

Custom designs are welcome to meet specific requirements for various RF frequencies and output power levels.  

Standard Product Data Sheets are available for download in PDF Format.


TWT Amplifiers - Magnetron Transmitters - Coupled Cavity - Klystron Grid/CW Amplifiers - Cavity Oscillators / Amp - CFA

NOTICE: Visitor access to our facilities have been restricted until further notice to protect our team, their families, our community, and you. All meeting requests will be managed virtually through phone, webinar, or “Zoom” type conferencing.